Monday, August 4, 2008

Store Front

So these weekend I went shopping (surprise, surprise) and I bought myself a super cute Vanessa Bruno shirt. Don't worry, it was 70% off.

Anyways, I was curious what other good stuff she had out now. I took a trip to her website and I was of course in love with almost every thing she had. But more importantly, I was in love with her boutiques. The interior looks amazing. And the lighting, and the spacing, and and and and . . .

It's that good. Look.


.vanessa said...

they really are beautiful

Mila said...

Great post!
I adore Vanessa Bruno, i'd love to own an item of one of her collections. I am very curious about the shirt you've bought.

Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog, i really appreciate!

I like you blog very much, you've got some great finds.
Would you like to exchange links?
Just let me know and i'll add your link immediately!


:) Mila.

MR style said...

it looks cute !! especially picture two !! very french bourgeois

Shelby said...

Thank you for introducing me to Vanessa Bruno! Amazing stuff and the photos on her page! Wow! Oh and yes "Old Sac" is Old Sacramento. :)

{this is glamorous} said...

Not surprising, considering everything she touches these days turns out beautifully :)

Fifi Flowers said...

I know you like Paris... so come see my store front today!
Love elegant stores... I don't shop in them much, but I appreciate them!