Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Giveaway

So TJ and I are married, but our party is about in late September. Almost everything is taken care of - cake ordered, room reserved, napkins picked out, and of course the party favors have been decided on.

There is a running theme for the party - chocolate. Are invitations were chocolate colored, we are having chocolate cake and chocolate frosting on the cake, the event location is pretty much chocolate colored, and we are giving away little chocolate colored gift boxed with Theo's chocolate.

I love dark chocolate and Theo's makes the best. I hear I am not the only lover of Theo's, Oprah seems to like them too.

Anyways, for the August Giveaway, I am sending out a big box of Theo's Chocolate. This is a good giveaway and it will be amazing if I don't eat the giveaway before it goes in the mail.

What do you have to do to win? Post a comment telling me what you like to eat chocolate with? Do you like chocolate and strawberries, chocolate and wine, chocolate and a hot bath? Get creative and let me know. I will announce the winner on August 29.

Good luck!


Kelly said...

i could eat chocolate with just about anything. my favorite is probably chocolate and peanut butter, but i think i'd settle for chocolate and dirt in a dire situation!


sphinx63 said...

You will think this is weird, but I like to eat chocolate, than eat some potato chips, than some more chocolate!

I have never tried Theo's chocolate, but I love dark chocolate the best, and if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

my favorite thing to eat chocolate with?

YOU. my favorite thing to eat chocolate with is you. actually, i like eating anything with you (salad, thai, yogurt, sugar cookies, etc.). as long as you're there.

i love you. and i love chocolate.

cpullum said...

I love choclate when watching my favorite movie!! Also love it with a Pepsi!

nadia said...

i like eating chocolate with my hands, in a cup, from a bowl, on a stick and in a glass! Oh not what you meant-
espresso and dark chocolate is my weakness- but on a skiing trip a guy made blueberry bark- i have to tell you it was delicious....melt dark chocolate pour unto a cookie sheet, sprinkle bleuberies!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i like to eat chocolate with mint sauce.. yum yum! hey, swing by my giveaway. i'm giving away the perfect bag for honeymooning!

.vanessa said...

i dip my chocolate in my tea so it melts a bit. =)

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I've got a bit of a thing for chocolate and peanut butter - we Australians don't really do that, so I have to rely on stores that sell Reeses for a fix!

But here's my real submission - for dark chocolate (I don't even bother with milk choc these days) you can't go past a good roasty glass of stout. I'm serious. Like a Russian Imperial or a tropical stout like Sinha...... YUM!

And then follow it with a lovely nip of good peaty single malt whisky. Even better. Especially in winter!

And just in case you think I'm an alcoholic, I'll clarify by saying that I work in a boutique pub that sells microbrewed beers and lovely scotch and local wine...... so it's my trade!

The weeding sounds fabulous!

Leah xxx

Hyena In Petticoats said...

aaahhhh.... that would be WEDDING, not weeding..... sorry!


suzanjill said...

I LOVE chocolate and nutella - best when i have some quiet time and am perusing some of my favorite magazines.

mary said...

I love dark chocolate with a really hearty red wine. It's the one time I can really savor and enjoy each bite and sip.

porter hovey said...

Ohhhhhh!! Yummmmmy!

Apt. #34 said...

On one of "those" days its all about chocolate and peanut butter, as in chocolate chips dumped into a jar of peanut butter and eaten with a spoon. In that moment there's nothing better!

*L said...

chocolate with crispy bacon! it tastes like breakfast:) the salty-sweet combo never fails!

jo said...

a chocolate theme sounds pretty perfect n_n

i like to eat dark chocolate along a cup of coffee, especially on grey, rainy afternoons, while listening to the sound of rain.

Vain and Vapid said...

Chocolate and bailey's is divine.... oh and marshmallow fluff. yum. ( but this is coming from someone who pairs everything with marshmallow fluff or assorted liquors)

Z said...

Chocolate is the best invention in the whole wild world... I once tasted freshly made chocolate covered with blueberries and have been craving that wonderful duo ever since. I don't know if this counts but I also love the hagen daaz mayan chocolate icecream, that combines some kind of spice with chocolate... mmmm I need to go for a snack now

Robin said...

What a fabulous theme for your wedding party.

I like chocolate with:
chai tea with milk
popcrn & nuts (like Harry & David Moose Tracks)
in, on, or under ice cream
fresh pinapple
dried cherries
or on its own. You really can't go wrong with chocolate!

Kathleen said...

My favourite covers just about all my cravings, and I'm sure is very nutritious as well: Try chocolate with salted crackers & sharp cheddar cheese. All this goodness requires black coffee to finish it off. Yum!

Fifi Flowers said...

EASY... I like DARK chocolate with a glass of delightful RED wine! YUM... the perfect ending to a perfect day or even a not so perfect day!

Coco said...

My husband makes homemade wine. My father and his father before him all made homemade wine. Our favorite dessert for three generations is chocolate and that wine. My mother just got out of ICU and is 84, her first question to the Dr was "Do I have to give up my chocolate and wine?" But I think the best part about chocolate is buying it. The beautiful cases, the smell, the unending possibility and anticipation. Life is short, buy more chocolate!

Shimmy Shake said...

Oh chocolate. Reading everyone's comments makes me want to go eat a spoonful of chocolate chips dipped in PB, with a pepsi, a movie, chips and bacon! No really, I like to eat my chocolate staight up!

Anonymous said...

I love eating slightly-warmed chocolate with a glass of port. Even better when the chocolate is part of my favorite cake, which is to die for! My then-boyfriend made it for me on my 21st birthday - now he's my fiance and that will be our wedding cake! Ah, the magical power of chocolate...and love, of course. ;)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Big. Red. Wine.

yum. :-)

dana said...

Well, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite combinations ....mix mascarpone cheese with just a tiny bit of vanilla yogurt and top with a sprinkle of raw sugar for good measure. Dip in a fresh strawberry, and don't be shy..make sure you are generous with the mascarpone. After that lovely nibble follow with a bite of dark chocolate. It's delicious! (red wine is slightly mandatory for the finish) voila....heaven.

Katie Ricky said...

Yay chocolate!

Anonymous said...