Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One For Me

Over the weekend I saw a cute flower box and decided I was going to go back to the store and get it. So yesterday, I went back to the Metro Market and grabbed the box. There were big ones and small ones but I knew I wanted the biggest. There was no price on any of the big ones so I looked at the small ones - 9 bucks. I figured that ment my big box would be about 26 dollars. I thought about it, knew it was way too much to spend on a flower box, and then walked up to the counter to purchase it.

The girl at the counter looked at it and asked if I knew the price. I replied no and told her there were no price tags on the big ones. She of course, called over to the flower department and asked the worker. The floral worker walked over, picked up the box, and said how about 6 bucks?

Can I say Oh YEA! Score. Anyways, I have my cute little box (see above) and my seeds and tonight I am going to do some planting. Yes!

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