Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home Improvements - Part 1

I think one of the downfalls to being constantly inspired it that in turn, you constantly want to changes things. I am currently in "redo my entire apartment" mode. If only I had the liberty to pull up the nasty linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom.

I have been searching and searching, and this weekend I am going to do some shopping for little details that would make my apartment even better. So far, I want the following:

Kitchen -
I want a rail and hooks like you see these cups hanging on so that I can hang these jars (the kitchen comes from Anna over at doorsixteen, whom happens to have an awesome home. )

The little one that says "Chili" has a hook so it can be hung. Plus, I want these dish towels. Just because.

Livingroom -
This is a work in progress and is going to take time seeing that I cannot run out and but a new flat screen tv nor a new couch tomorrow. I would like a new lamp shade though.
Bedroom - I love my bedroom though I would like new sheets and pillows like these
Lastly, the bathroom -
I am still searching for wooden towel holders for my hand towels and a wooden framed mirror that I like. But I do want these to hang my towels on.
And of course, a big vase of -
If I get motivated, I will post before and after photos. I cannot freaking wait for the weekend.


Joanna Goddard said...

those vases are stunning. where did you find them?

stacy said...

google. But i know you can get them at IKEA for like 2 bucks.

Anna at D16 said...

Hi there! Would you mind linking that photo of mine (the black kitchen at the top of the post) to the Flickr page it comes from, or at least putting a credit and linking it back to my blog? I'm happy it is inspiring to you! :)

On Flickr:

My blog:

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, ikea, awesome.

stacy said...


sorry about that. I liked the photo to your flickr and added a note about your blog.

your home is amazing.

perfect bound said...

fun! where would we be without Ikea (or flickr for that matter.) Can't wait to see more from your makeover.