Monday, February 11, 2008

Super Saturday Bake Off 2008

Saturdays are dedicated to shopping and school work. Usually my boyfriend and I get to do the normal 4.5 mile trek around Seattle. He gets to stop at all the record stores and I at all the clothing stores. Though this Saturday was set aside for something special. . . Bake-Off 2008. My girlfriend Allie came up with the idea and I donated my kitchen, and with that the idea of a bunch of girls baking for 8 hours, reading magazines, and watching Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken was born.

Though invitations were sent out weeks in advance, come Saturday the baking girls totaled 3: Allie, Colleen, and myself.

Who cares, we figured.

“We’ll bake so awesome the others will wish they had baked.” Yea, we said this. A lot actually.

“We’ll take tons of photos, post them on flickr, and the others will be jealous.” Yea, we said this too.

So Saturday came, we all went and Caucused for Obama (Allie and I even signed up to go to the next round of Caucusing, maybe we’ll end up in Denver, Co. in August, you never know) and then Colleen and Allie came back to my place to get the shake-and-bake party started.

We mixed shit up. Allie had some crazy electric whisks and an awesome cookie sheet slip mat thing (makes it so you don’t ever have to grease anything, I might have to get me one of theses). We baked smoore brownies, camel shaped sugar cookies, whisky sweat potato pie, some walnut cupcakes, and some heart shaped cookies in honor of up coming V-Day. We baked like we were 55 year old married women with nothing better to do on a Saturday. We baked, ate cookie dough, stuck our fingers in each others batter, drank champagne, and took a ton of photos of Nacho, my Mexican dog.

At the end of it, when all was cleaned up and the food was ready to be tasted. Well, we tasted. And, well, we wish we hadn’t tasted. Not some of the food, not most of it, but all of it tasted like crap. It all was over cooked, under sugared, and then there were just some weird curry cookies.

So instead of eating the rest of it, we went to the bar and drank. If you can’t eat your calories in cookies, you can surely drink them in alcohol.

Anyways, I still woke up with morning and posted the photos on flickr ( Allie had beat me too it. And all those other girls, they are still going to be jealous. That’s right, jealous. Because even if curry cookies taste nasty (sorry colleen), at least we got to make them and taste them together.


heels said...

It seems that I will be interviewing you. Are you ready? (Am I ready? Not yet.) Do you have any special topics that you'd like to talk about or any off-limit areas?

stacy said...

I'm pretty much up for anything. Does email work I couldn't find any contact info on your page.

stacy said...
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