Monday, February 11, 2008

Paris Chic & Trendy

I found out about Paris Chic & Trendy this past month. Vogue highlighted the book in their February issue. Seeing that I am taking my first trip to Paris in May this year, I decided it was a must read.

Personally, the book is kind of cute. Though I know nothing about where any of the places are actually located, I liked the fact that the book told me the address and what metro station to get off at. Also, the book had tons of photos, which was extremely helpful. Not all boutiques interest me. In fact, more often then not, I don’t like vintage boutiques. Though I am hoping Paris is different, here in the states (specifically New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and all over California) most of the vintage boutiques I’ve found tend to sell over priced crap. And the people that work there tend to be rather annoying.

Case in Point: Le Frock

This is a vintage designer boutique here in Seattle. It is a guarantee when you go in there you will find lots of designer clothing – skirts, shirts, shoes, etc. And as much as I love the window displays and their shoe selection, I personally can’t stand the place or the workers.

The store rarely turns over clothing, I went in for the first time in a month yesterday and it still had the same stuff from 4 months ago; the same nasty, faded, glitter shirt with “Dior” written across the front, the same Marc Jacobs shoes that were priced at $100, but the heal was worn down to the screw. It doesn’t make sense to me. No matter what the label, if the clothes or shoes are in crappy condition, there is no point to buying it.

And the workers . . . Yesterday I was in there and a gentleman asked what was playing on the radio. The over stylized girl behind the counter responds “Umm, yeah, Karl Lagerfeld CD’s of course.” The guy responded with something like, “Oh, well I didn’t know, but it’s good.”I’m sorry but WTF. Who does miss thing behind the counter think she is. I hate to remind her but she works in a clothing store. No one deserves to be treated like they are stupid or less than. And the people that work in the store do it ALL the time.

Anyways, hopefully and I think it will, Paris will have way more to offer me with out all the attitude. If anyone has any other suggestions, please email me and let me know. I will also be in London. So the more suggestions the better.

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