Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sign Up for The Gift Exchange

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October always marks the holiday season for me. No matter what religion or holidays you celebrate – once the pumpkins are stacked outside the grocery store and the temperature drops, I know the holidays are here.

Growing up I hated the holiday season. I hated having to buy presents for people just because they bought you things. I hated the feelings on “have to” as in; I "have to" get them something. It wasn’t until I was in college that I began to enjoy the holidays. I finally didn’t have to buy everyone a gift. I could focus on buying a few people things that would really encourage them, inspire them, and of course, remind them that I cared about them. Once I got away from “having to” and could give presents because I wanted to, I enjoyed the holidays a whole lot more.

The paragraph above and the post below explain the new project I am taking on. – THE GIFT EXCHANGE.

I am sure a lot of people have done gift exchanges at one point in their life. Whether a “white elephant” party or an office gift exchange – we have all given something to someone at one time or another.

Well this is the blogger Gift Exchange and here is how it works:

1. Send me an email at that includes the following:
- Contact information (name, address, and email)
- What are your hobbies/ favorite activities?
- Do you collect anything special?
- What is your favorite music?
- What are your favorite foods?
- What inspires you?
- What are your favorite places you have traveled or would like to travel?

3. In early November you will receive your person you are to send a gift

4. Go find a gift that meets the following criteria
- Inspires the person
- Relates to their interest
- Is thoughtful (you didn’t just go buy “any” gift)
- Is under 15 dollars (You can make them a mixed tape, buy them an art book at a thrift store. The key is to be thoughtful not expensive. )
-Include a note about why you picked this present as in, "I hope this inspires you to continue making blah blah..." "I hope this present reminds you of your creativity and blah blah ..."

5. Mail the present by the first week in December – to insure the gift gets to your recipient by the end of the year.

Lastly, tell your other friends to come sign up. The more people that get involved means more people are going to be doing nice things for one another and brightening someone else’s day.

The deadline to email me is October 31 – as in Halloween. So send me that email ( and sign up!


cassandra said...

you are adorable, and i am IN! i love the idea of this because if there is one thing i actually hate it's white elephant gifts. if you're gonna do a gift exchange, do it RIGHT!

ps - what's this business about you being in hawaii soon? and when are we gonna do coffee? facebook me!

porter hovey said...

what a great idea! always gets you in the holiday spirit!

Apt. #34 said...

I'm so in too! PS, I'm still working on that chocolate I won - ask Cassandra - she enjoyed some just the other night! Thanks again - although I'm hooked on Theo's now :)

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Wow! This is a wonderful idea!! I love it!! Count me in :)

Shannyn said...

How fun! I am definitely in... =)

nicole hill gerulat said...

sorry, i wish i could, but wedding business is keeping me from doing anything!

Anonymous said...

what a cute little idea... i will be sending an email your way soon. thanks!

i.d. said...

This is a wonderful idea! So looking forward to it. :)

Charlotte Tollstén said...

What a sweet idea!!

Is it OK to participate even if you dont live in US?

Greeetings from Sweden

Unknown said...

Bonjour! I happened upon your blog & fell in love with your posting, a breath of fresh air for me when I can steal a moment with the computer out of this hectic life I live! Thank you! Also, I tagged you, check out my blog to see the info!
Paris Atelier~

ryan said...

ultimately life-affirming

Jayena Boldt & Christine Mongrain said...

What a great idea! And thankyou for the validation on not giving everyone who you've ever met Christmas gifts! IT's my first year making the big change. . I'm a bit nervous.

But this is all for myself and a great kick off to the holiday season! Thank you!

Yin said...

Oh this is a fantastic idea! I'm emailing you right now!

Unknown said...

oooh october marks the holiday season for me as well!! i get to start decorating the house.. and pulling out my pumpkin spice candles..(i love that smell).. and the gift exchange sounds like a fab idea..

angie said...

LOVE it! thanks so much for coming up with this. ideas like this bring out my love for my blogging community! thanks and I'm excited to exchange gifts! *a

The Fab Miss B said...

This sounds so lovely. Its important to remember why we give gifts. When they are thoughtful they are loads more fun to give (and receive!)

Åsa said...

I'm in.
Also from Sweden...

Just Me said...

I would LOVE to do this.. so much fun, but im new to the blogging world and cant figure out how to send you the email with the info.. hmmm

magpiesandmagnolias said...


I found your blog and gift exchange through Coco+Kelley. Mind if I participate? I would love to get in on the gift giving!


uniquecommodities said...

This is sooo cool! I can't wait to get my person's information!

Esti said...

this is my most busy season of the year, but this is such a good idea... i'll see if i can make it... :)

Anonymous said...

i was curious if you were going to do a Mr. Linky so we could all see what each other got in the exchange?