Monday, April 25, 2011

Carolina Herrera and the Symphony

My job comes with some pretty awesome perks, occasionally allowing me the opportunity to take part in some pretty amazing events. Such was the case this past week when I was given the opportunity to attend the Symphony’s benefit fashion show with Carolina Herrera.

You can read all about the event at Women’s Wear Daily, and check out my slideshow below.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yes..I am about to ask for a favor...

Here comes a shameless, but humble request...

As you may have noticed by my sporadic blogging, I have taken up a new hobby…photography. Working with my lovely little film Pentax, I have slowly but diligently continued to soak up all-thing-photography.

One of my New Years Resolution's (yes, I do those), was to enter two photo contests this year. And to my benefit, Crossroads Trading Company (the fabulous little second-hand store, that stocks my closet), has a contest. And, well I entered. (Slightly scared…opening a hobby to public criticism is a little unsettling, to say the least.)

This is my first pass at digital photography; so needless to say, I could use your help and support, aka I NEED YOUR VOTE. I have entered two photos, so feel free to vote for either, just please vote for me.

You have to create an account (name, email, and password) to vote. 
Register to vote here, vote for me (Stacy Lucier), and the go tell all your friends to vote for me too. 

Thanks a million, trillion, billion. Seriously, THANK YOU.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

welcome home

Yesterday, while San Francisco was sunny, I was stuck inside, a forced house-arrest in some regards. My roof and bathroom were being ripped apart—a long story which involves a leaky roof, a moldy bathroom, and a long list of other issues. However, I used my time trapped in the living room to try out a new 18mm lens.

My husband and I are collectors. He has his records, and I have my magazines, and clothes, and shoes, and... I've collected magazines for years, and although I do have issue after issue of Another Magazine, Lula, Vogue, Elle Decor, Noise, and Nylon, I have to say I am most proud of my French Vogue and Elle UK collections. They are a testament to the fact that I have gone to the magazine store at least once a month for the last 6 years. Dedication. Truly dedication. (Note to memory here: I did live in Sacramento for a while...imagine trying to find any thing French there, let alone a magazine.)

Aside from our collections, I love that most things in my apartment were given to me from my family. The bronze elephants and apples are unique, as they were my mothers and grandfathers. Constant good reminders.

All homes are a work in progress, but I think my husband, nacho dog, and I are off to a good start.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

photography, my love

I finally completed my photography website. Of course, all things are a work in progress, as I hope to add many, many more images in the coming months.

At this point photography is a hobby, not a job, as I am still growing and learning. That being said, I’d love to do more and take more photos. So if you’ve got something interesting going on, let me know at laboudoirblog (at) I’d love to be there to capture it all.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Emmanuelle Alt's Alternative Direction

If you haven’t noticed, I’m slightly elated at Emmanuelle Alt becoming Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris. We all love Carine, but Alt’s personal style, a refined rock & roll girl she is, and her very distinct stylistic tastes, places Alt on the top of my list of fashion women.

With Carine Roitfeld stepping down, many of us are eager to see and hear about Alt’s direction for the magazine. Her first issue will be in April, but from a recent interview with Mark Holgate, it sounds like any changes will be slight and slow.

I recommend reading the full article.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emmanuelle Alt: Dreams, Rock & Roll, and Topshop

Newly appointed Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt had her first official-non-official interview with Hilary Alexander following the Chanel show yesterday. Watch: