Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Helena's Home

I am an avid reader of French Vogue. Perhaps more of a scanner, than a reader (I don't speak French). Too bad for Anna Wintour, French Vogue kicks American Vogue's butt. They always have the best photos, best fashion spreads, best models, best everything! I never walk away from the magazine uninspired. In fact, every time I read it, I want to make over my closet, my home, and my life.

May's French Vogue featured Helena Christensen's New York home. Totally unexpected, Helena's home is way more mix-matched and cluttered than I thought. I am in love with all the vintage and rustic finds she has lying around, the random photos are fabulous, and her dog is the cutest.


katrina said...

amazing home!!

Dominica said...

Fabulous..and I clicked on the pics and saw she has a small Marc Ryder painting !! OMG ! This woman has more taste than I imagined possible ..and on top, she looks freakin' amazing, being a 40-something ....

Rebecca June said...

Her house is so beautiful in a very wonderful and casual way.

Thank you for the post!


Rebecca june

Hanako66 said...

fabulous home!

french vogue is just amazing!!!

gabby paulina said...

her house is so wonderful and lovely. amazing post :)