Monday, February 2, 2009


If I could have one job in the world it would be an Art or Fashion Director. I would love to art direct fashion advertisements. And though my dream job is a long way off, these spring 2009 campaigns keep me inspired.

I love Chloe ads. Perhaps it's more about the clothes rather than the ads.

Lanvin ads usually speak to my dreams. For the past couple of seasons the ads were like walking into a fantasy. But this spring, Lanvin ads make the fantasy seem easier to achieve with soft images of a model casually laying on a sofa or checking oneself out in the mirror.

And the Gucci ad. . . well Gucci sells sex, and what about sex is not to like?


ana b. said...

That's a fantastic ambition to have. Lanvin can do no wrong these days!

random moments said...

Hi! Thanks for peeping in on my blog. Love having a new read, and a fashion loving read makes it extra special! :)

Now, on my way to look at your older posts....

Ana said...

We share the same dream! Wouldn't it be amazing. If you ever need a styling assistant...let me know!

Here was a blog post I did last September related to that dream:

coco+kelley said...

couldn't have said it better myself darlin! i LOVE chloe the best. and don't forget chanel!