Friday, February 22, 2008

Give Me One Good Reason

A couple days ago there was a huge beef recall. Now, I don’t eat beef so usually I don’t pay that much attention. The reason for the recall was the video below leaked showing sick cows being badly abused, and the quality of the cows came into question. Since these sick cows were cut up and put on grocery store shelves, people wondered if the beef was any good. A logical question I would think. I was watching Anderson Cooper when they covered the story and they happen to play the video.

Now, I stopped eating meat about 4 years ago. I never stopped eating meats for animal rights’ reasons; I just wasn’t a big fan of the taste. But something about the cow video just bothered me. It didn’t make sense to me. If the cows were sick, why toss them around. Couldn’t you just give them a shot a put them to sleep? Or take them out of their misery? Why torture the poor cow by poking, pulling, and pushing with big cranes? What’s the point?

I’ve had the same questions about wearing fur. Personally it grosses me out. But what’s the point of wearing it. There are enough fabrics in the world to keep you warm. Do we really need fox fur on the sides of a vest? And what is the point of a mink wrap, couldn’t you just wear a scarf?

No one wears fur because they are freezing their ass off in Alaska. People wear it because it is a symbol of their wealth. But there are just as expensive, not fur clothes out there that symbolize wealth. So why not wear those? You could spare the poor fox that is hanging up side down, being skinned alive, and left to bleed to death while freezing.

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