Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fashion in Theory

I have a lot to talk about but between work and school my days have gotten all messed up. Though I don’t have time to discuss now . . . I do have a few things to say. . .

Paris Fashion Week - Deconstruction

Philosopher Jacques Derrida's concept of "deconstruction," as applied to fashion means the process of “undoing.” The term means to liberate clothes from functionality, meaning clothing doesn’t serve the purpose of clothing a body.

Yohji Yamamoto (especially) is known for this along with Vivienne Westwood. Both designers along with Maison Martin Margiela have shown collections this week in Paris deconstruct fashion. These designers remind us that fashion isn't just clothing, designer labels, and expensive bags that show of your wealth. These designers remind us that Fashion is Art. (see the images below)

On the same note, yesterday I finished reading Icons of Fashion. The book touches on Deconstructionist theory and how it applies to fashion. All in all, the book gives an overview of the history of fashion, theories, styles, and key designers. Starting in the late 1800’s and moving toward today, the book covers a lot of ground and provides insight to how certain trends and changes in fashion came about. It’s a good read for anyone looking to introduce themselves to fashion and its history.

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