Thursday, January 24, 2008

Valentino Says Goodbye

Valentino has dressed royalty, socialites, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but last night Valentino ended his 45-year career with a Haute Couture show in Paris.

Oversized floral dresses off-set by subtle suits walked the runway. Models were dressed in silk that flowed flawlessly and everything Valentino was there. Embroidered silk, polka-dot satin, chiffons, beading, and embroideries embodied the classy perfection known as Valentino.

The show closed boldly with Valentino surrounded by dozens of models dressed in gowns in his trademark shade of red. Valentino told reports, “"I am extremely happy, that is why I am not emotional, because I feel very strong and to have this demonstration of affection, of love, of such generosity — I really am on cloud nine!"

Today, Valentino will receive the medal of the City of Paris. And soon "Valentino: The Last Emperor," a fly-on-the-wall documentary directed by Vanity Fair special correspondent Matt Tyrnauer will be show at the Cannes Festival. And later in June a fashion retrospective will be held at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

"I'm leaving at the top," Valentino said. "I will take a vacation and then work on theater or ballet."

And for the future?

At the end of every era, a new one begins. And now, Alessandra Facchinetti, the former Gucci designer, is responsible for turning the page at Valentino.

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