Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yes..I am about to ask for a favor...

Here comes a shameless, but humble request...

As you may have noticed by my sporadic blogging, I have taken up a new hobby…photography. Working with my lovely little film Pentax, I have slowly but diligently continued to soak up all-thing-photography.

One of my New Years Resolution's (yes, I do those), was to enter two photo contests this year. And to my benefit, Crossroads Trading Company (the fabulous little second-hand store, that stocks my closet), has a contest. And, well I entered. (Slightly scared…opening a hobby to public criticism is a little unsettling, to say the least.)

This is my first pass at digital photography; so needless to say, I could use your help and support, aka I NEED YOUR VOTE. I have entered two photos, so feel free to vote for either, just please vote for me.

You have to create an account (name, email, and password) to vote. 
Register to vote here, vote for me (Stacy Lucier), and the go tell all your friends to vote for me too. 

Thanks a million, trillion, billion. Seriously, THANK YOU.

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