Monday, October 18, 2010

life lesson 201

About 4 months ago I was having “the worst day ever!” As in, work wasn’t working so great, husband was cranky, and I was down-right tired of it all. I need a serious girl day. More than a mani-pedi. More than a massage. Something REAL serious. A trip to the lingerie store.

There’s a beautiful boutique two blocks from my house. The Eres window displays are enough to make any man or woman want what’s in the window. I walked in to the little bra and panty boutique, not knowing what to expect.* I pushed open the white-washed wooden doors to a room full of Eres, Chanetelle, La Perla, Stella McCartney, silk, satin, and lace, all delicately draped on wooden hangers. It only took a matter of seconds before my inner-woman came alive. I walked in a girl, walked out a lady. And my wallet was $350 thinner. I know, I know, serious shopping therapy.

Point being – once you go there, there’s no turning back. The best part about luxury lingerie is it’s sexy for you and no one else. You’re the only one who knows what you’re wearing underneath your skirt, and unless you walk around the office half dressed, you are the only one that will take satisfaction in what hiding beneath your clothes. It’s an ultimate self-indulgence -- satisfying to you, and only you. Life lesson learned.

And that’s why I just had to go back and get this super cute Stella McCartney set!

*For my entire life I have shopped department stores from my body basics. It’s just a bra right?!?


Maria Ana said...

She has beautiful pieces! :)

Good shopping...

Maria Ana

josephine said...

Good for you! Pretty lingerie is a great way to cheer yourself up.

A friend of mine works at that boutique, and I agree with you. Their store windows always contain something I'd love to find in my dresser.

The Stella Team said...

Hi Stacy,
Thanks so much for your lovely comments on Stella's lingerie collection and we really hope you enjoy the set you bought!
Best wishes,
The Stella Team

Anonymous said...


cool blog
hope to see more from you!
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love and rockets, Greg

hiven said...

amazing x hivennn.