Wednesday, October 6, 2010

doin it like a lady

Not uncommon for the workplace, today, like many days, the topic of TV came up. In the midst of our conversation about primetime shows like Weeds, Eastbound & Down, and the HBO network all together, my boss said she loves to watch reruns of Sex and the City.  Not surprising, lots of ladies love it, right?
Time out.  Time for a confession -- I have never seen Sex and the City.
What! What? I know, I know, me, this girl has never seen an episode. Not the movie. Maybe a commercial. That’s it.
My co-workers disbelief was followed-up by a quick list of reason why I would totally, 100% love it. “Girls, clothes, and sex. What’s not to love?”  
“Wait,” another boss spoke up, “well, I mean they do have sex with their bras on.”
Hold on. Stop here. I couldn’t help myself, but seriously, who has sex with their bra on?
The only reasons to have sex with your bra on are the following:
1.  It’s the “ first time”  (we all know how  that can be),
2.  You truly believe your bra is more attractive than your breast (like the $350 Eres bra in the boutique around the corner from my house, now that is beauty),
3.  You decided to get down to business, and left the top half untouched (if you know what I mean),
4.  Or, you’re in the midst of some mad, passionate, heat-of-the-moment, Michael Douglas meets Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct moment (but wait, even he managed to get her bra off)
I mean seriously, bra’s are like god punishment to women. Metal rods, tight straps, oh my.  If you managed to get the top off, I would think the bra would come with it. But what do I know. I live in San Francisco, and this is sex, and “The” city. Maybe they do it differently in New York.


diane said...

1. Your boss was totally lying, they have sex, lots of it, butt naked.
2. I am "chesty". Sometimes I wear a bra when having sex with Cute Hubby to save him from being clubbed to death when I'm on top.
3. Don't despair, it's easy to get caught up. My oldest daughter and I had never seen it, so we watched dvd episodes together until we were up to speed. It took about 2 weeks.

Full Cup said...

ha ha well said! I couldn't agree more! Unless you feel like your bra is more exquisite than your breasts or you snagged a beautiful piece at an amazing price, ha ha, its pure insanity to keep it on during a moment of passion! Love your blog btw way! Come stop by my blog sometime!

x, Molly

Stacy said...

Diane, you kill me. :)

Lucy & Madi said...

Well, I am a New Yorker and the first chance I get, that bloody thing comes matter what I am doing!