Monday, July 26, 2010

pretty in pink

On my first trip to Paris I didn’t go into one clothing boutique, seriously, not one. What the hell was I thinking? I know! This time I made a must-do list of boutiques. I google-mapped directions, and studied each location; I was so ready, by the time I hit the streets I could provide locals with directions. Slightly compulsive, but I like to think of myself as prepared.

One of my favorite boutiques was Isabel Marant. The small black building was tucked away on rue Saintonge. I had the whole place to myself. Walking slowly from rack to rack, I made sure to exam every single article that hung from those wooden hangers. I didn’t want to miss a thing. I knew enough French to ask for my size, and once I had settled on the pieces I wanted to try on, I slipped around the corner, behind the large wooden doors to model for myself my soon-to-be purchases.

Believe it or not, what was purchased doesn’t matter, that is not the point of my story. Down to what matters…

So I approach the counter, and the tall, slim, 35-year-old reaches her hand out to take my clothes. Her slender fingers extend and I glance down to see…oh my! No she wasn’t missing a figure, and her hand did not fall off. She has florescent nail polish. Florescent pink to be exact.

In that moment all I could think was, “People actually wear that!” Garance Dore talked about her summer love for florescent polish, but Garance lives in a dream world where maybe Kate Moss and Karl Lagerfeld have florescent nails, but not the rest of us. But oh was I wrong, apparently the coolness of florescent polish has trickled down to the woman behind the counter. Maybe she reads Garance’s blog, maybe she’s just as cool as Kate and Karl, obviously I don’t know.

I had a minor moment of worldly awareness, thanks to nail polish. This story is stupid, I know. Whatever. No matter what, I won’t be painting my nails florescent pink anytime soon.


josephine said...

i don't think this story is stupid. actually, i'd like to read more of these kinds of moments. i'm a fan of blogs that show beautiful fashion photography, but often times the accompanying text is somewhat shallow (which can be fine if the focus is supposed to be on the photos). but i really savor moments where you realize that all the exposure to fashion blogs and writing and trends have made an impact or shift in the way you view the world. just my opinion.

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i love crazy nail polish like that. put some on your nails and your day will get 10 times more awesome.

City Girl said...

haha! great post! i love Paris, don't you? AND Isabel Marant! i have been blogging about paris recently (and featured her), French fashion is incredible i think. my favourite French icon is Jean Seberg - got some gorgeous pics of her on my blog - let me know what you all think?! fab blog, I'll be following! :) City Girl x
ps please check out my blog too!

Frank said...


i still want to know what you got


last time i was in paris was about 8 years ago.... when i lived there for a while. i dont recall shopping much though.. just running around the metro system a lot.

would love to go back and see what it looks like now..and if i have the money hit the boutiques as well!

angie said...

i agree. i didn't think this post was stupid. i really enjoyed reading your honest perspective and experience. *a