Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking Back

I was watching ESPN last week, and they did a feature on the last decade of sports. The best, the worst, most memorable, exciting, disappointing, blah blah blah... you get my point. It got me thinking what has the last 10 years of my life been like. TJ and I went to a bar last night and wrote it all out on paper, the last 10 years of experiences…Here are the highlights and then some….

2000: I stopped going to church (thanks to my first boyfriend), had an AP English teacher, Mr. Pedersen that changes my life (little does he know it)
2001: Broke up with my first boyfriend, got my self a second boyfriend (of course), graduated high school, and started college at SF State
2002: Met Annie (my best friend for the time), we moved to the Castro (my first apartment), I started smoking cigarettes (oh american spirits how I miss you), I read over 30 books in a year, and decided I wanted to be a writer
2003: We got a new roommate who is 50% responsible for my interest in fashion, I started going to church again (what was I thinking) and then stopped (finally I came to me senses), took a trip to Mexico, I moved to another San Francisco apartment and 3 months later moved back to Sacramento, Annie and I stopped being friends, I spent a semester at Sacramento City College, and my sister got pregnant. It was a busy year.
2004: I moved in with my dad for 3 months, started college at CSU Sacramento, moved to downtown Sacramento (3rd floor apartment, hardwood floors, claw foot tub, tile, and windows that make my heart swoon), I started dancing (bigger deal then you would think), and I dated a miserable boy that would end up leading me to a better boy.
2005: I quit smoking (sad face), I met TJ (my future husband), graduated college, I had my first encounter with Adobe CS (a introduction that has changed my career path), TJ and I moved to Seattle, and I got my first job, oh my.
2006: We moved back to Sacramento (Seattle was too cold), I got my first Marketing job (look where it has led me), I started graduate school at the Academy of Art, and we got Nacho dog
2007: TJ and I hit a rough spot, we moved back to Seattle, my dad died two weeks after moving, we flew 13 times that year including our first NYC trip, and I landed my first Graphic Design job
2008: my grandfather died, I got engaged, took my first trip to London and Paris (oh how I love Paris), we got married, I started my job at the university, moved to into a new apartment on the other side of Seattle, and through a kick-ass wedding party
2009: I worked at a clothing store with an awful woman who directly impacted TJ and I moving to San Francisco, I quit my university job, got my job at the symphony, my uncle died, I moved in with my grandmother and lived apart from my husband in San Jose, CA for 2 months in order to take the symphony job, and finally TJ and I moved to San Francisco in October, and here we are…

In 10 years I’ve… moved 13 times, lived in 3 cities, 2 states, had 2 major deaths (my dad and grandfather), graduated college, acquired 1 husband and 1 dog, and traveled a lot. And crazy enough, most of the big changes have happened in the last 5 years.

Anyways, you should do this. Pull out your paper and pen and start writing. You'll be suprised. I promise.


Chelsea said...

I like this. I'll be doing this tonight! Hope 2010 is amazing for you!!

mAdi*cakes said...

I like this and Im glad you started going back to church again. Its always awesome and totally worth it to live with God in your life. Hope you have an awesome next ten years

ashlina said...

wow! i love what you did.
i lost my grandfather this year..HEARTBREAKING!
i feel you.

love your blog! keep writing


Micaela said...

wow. you are amazing. simply.

and so real.

in a few days i will be moving from my beloved Texas to VA and i am so sad. i am moving for love and am a coward and sad to "give up" my otherwise perfect life. I am silly after reading your fabulous (though sad times) life. I may have to grab a pen now.

ps. i'm also trying to quit my beloved marlboro lights.

your list is the most refreshing one i've seen... because it's real. it's honest. thank-you!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

wow you sure had a busy decade!

diane said...

I think you are a remarkable young lady. Your husband and dog are lucky to have you. :)

Maria Ana said...

Cool ideia!

allie said...

I'm glad to have known you for a nice chunk of the past ten years...i miss you! happy new year!

Apt. #34 said...

Here's to a wonderful 2010 for us all my dear. I can't wait to see what it brings us!

stacy di said...

wow...what a crazy 10 years you've had! I love this idea...

who knows what the next 10 will bring?!!

happy new year to you!

Zana Fauzi said...

Nifty idea. I'll be sure to take some time to do this exercise. Happy 2010!

Classic Twist said...

I really love what you did here. You have inspired me to do the same. After a very rough 09, some reflection is good to have. Stay posted for my list soon :)

DailyDates said...

Me likey! I'm doing this too! =)

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