Friday, October 9, 2009

balancing act

I looked at my blog last night and realized I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks. Holy crap! I have a rather long story to illustrate the last few weeks, months even…

When I was a kid, my family used to spend time in Tahoe. We’d take long walks in the woods, often crossing various streams that flowed to the Sacramento River. At the deep parts of the water, we’d step from rock to rock to get across. We were taught early on, in Girl Scouts probably, that you always test the rock you are about to step on before you put your weight on it. I’d stick my foot out and try to wiggle the rock beneath the translucent water with the tip of my toe. If it moved, obviously I would avoid it and try another, slowly making my way across the stream.

On rare occasions, because you never really know, I’d test a rock, think it was sturdy, step on it, and then the rock would shift. I’d throw my arms in the air, trying to catch my balance, and more often than not, end up crashing into the ice cold water. Good thing I could swim…

Point being, we’ve had a lot of rocks that wiggle lately. Some that have merely caused TJ and me to catch our balance, and a couple that have sent us crashing into the ice cold water. We may get three good rocks that move us half way across the river, and then holy crap, we almost fall in.

In some respect, TJ and I are soaking wet, our clothes are weighted from the water, our socks soaking, and our toes have turned to prunes. Situations we’ve had no control of have slipped out from underneath us, and life’s wiggly rocks have caused us to lose our balance.

You can’t sit down in the middle of the river, no matter how much you want to, just like you can’t sit down in the middle of life. I think I just need to dry off a bit. I need to make it to the other side of life’s current stream, before I embark on another. And perhaps take some time sit down, catch up on the things I miss, and enjoy some sunshine. I’m going to get my feet on the ground. I am going to get back to reading magazines, listening to records, watching Rachel Maddow, eating salad, going to the gym (yea right!), and all those other things have been pushed aside (like writing here).


Urban Flea said...

amen sistah. ;)
xo katherine aka. urbanflea

diane said...

A lot of us are MIA lately, you must have had a lot of company in that stream.
Glad you found your way to dry land. xo

DolceDreams said...

Just go with the flow...when we're on, we're on, when we are busy, we're busy. It seems that life is throwing alot of curves right now for everyone, many bloggers I follow are resting their laurels.Isn't Tahoe the best!
Catch up and catch you later!

whitney said...

Hold on to the present moment - that's the best we can do in times of uncertinty. I may not be able to predict the future but I can be thankful for the cup of coffee in my hand on this cozy rainy day. Thanks for the beautiful metaphor.

Inspiration in Italy said...

I love this post, so inspiring.

Charlie said...

Hope you've had a fun time catching up and glad to know all is going well as you find your footing. Lots of wisdom and inspiration in this post!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

catching up is good

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