Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Bits of Information

My girl friend Allie takes awesome photos. She took my wedding photos back in July.

I recently logged on to flickr and saw some of her more recent photos. I figured I would share the fabulous photos with you. You can see more of Allie's photos here.


On a completely different note, do want to know more about my personally life? (It's not that exciting, I promise.) But, if you are dying to know what is in my wardrobe, you can get a look inside my closet over at Coco + Kelley. This week Cassandra is doing the Style (E)scapes series on wardrobes, so check out my wardrobe and my top 5 picks for the spring season. See my wardrobe here. (this post isn't up yet, but sometime today)

If that isn't enough for you, Layers of Meaning starts the 2nd Edition of the Through Her Eyes series. In the first of four installments, myself and other bloggers share with you what we carry around in our purses (if I could fit apple pie in there, I would). Find out what is in my purse here.


Miss Eve said...

I loved your wedding pictures :-) Coco & Kelly post is not up yet :-(...I can't wait to see your favourite pieces :-)

diane said...

I love the photo with the light on the floor.
I couldn't find the other photos, but the baby was climbing on the art cabinet, so maybe I'll try later. xo

Hanako66 said...

These are gorgeous photos...I will check in later to see your feature!