Wednesday, May 27, 2009

great ideas!

Everyone has been so kind to share their New York ideas. I cannot wait to see the Model's as Muse Exhibition. You can get a brief idea of what it's all about here.

And Emily is my new best friend, because she let me know that David Byrne is playing June 8. Talk about perfect timing!

Cute side story about the Talking Head's: when I found out I was out of a job, we (me and my other 1/2) went out and bought a bottle of wine and some beer. My husband put on the Talking Head's Speaking in Tongues record and we drank and danced in the dark till 1:20 in the morning. All I can say is bad times made good memories. We went to bed sweaty from dancing, and woke up sore the next morning.


Confessionelle said...

You guys sound so cute!! I am definitey planning to see the Model as a Muse when I get to NYC!! :D

diane said...

Your husband sounds like such a sweet guy. I'm glad he knew how to draw you out of your funk.

Hanako66 said...

how sweet!

Lilith said...

Is Model as a Muse open now?
If so, I might check it out this weekend.

coco+kelley said...

i'm so jealous!! i will be hanging out with nacho though, so i suppose that's almost as cool ;)