Monday, May 11, 2009

Do or Die for Apt #34

Running a blog can be time consuming and exhausting; however, it does lend itself to some great things. Perhaps one of the best parts is getting to meet awesome individuals like Erin from over at Apt. #34. What started out as a blog diary for her condo renovating adventures, has turned into a frequent source of interior and fashion inspiration.

So what gets Erin out of bed in the morning?

Apt #34's Do or Die List:

1. Great shoes - the ultimate savior for any ensemble, good or bad
2. Being near water
3. The perfect latte - my morning indulgence
4. Dear friends
5. Fresh fruit
6. Good morning and good night kisses
7. Yoga - to keep me sane
8. Local boutiques - to keep me fashionable
9. Good food
10. My Saturday morning routine - bf+coffee+ farmer's market is the perfect way to start the weekend

Bonus #11. Chocolate - because no one should have to live without it


Lilith said...

this is a great to do or die list. I love how shoes is number one.

Whitney Gray said...

i am enamored.

Kasey said...

i love it!

The Beauty File said...

Love the sat am routine, shoes, yoga & fresh fruit & water nearby. Perfect.

from the right bank said...

I love these lists. Keep 'em coming!

Joanna Goddard said...

ha, i love the bonus one! :)

Hanako66 said...

I love this list:)