Monday, April 27, 2009

Do or Die for Coco + Kelley

Cassandra from Coco + Kelley is my girl. Aside from that fact that she accompanies me to numerous Seattle fashion events, her blog keeps me fresh with ideas how to redesign my apartment and set the table for a dinner party. Cassandra's blog provides inspiration for thousands of readers, so here is a little look at what Cassandra cannot live without.

Cassandra's Do or Die List:

1. Kiehls lip balm. love.

2. Amazing photography of pretty things, preferably in a glossy mag.

3. Music to provide the soundtrack to my life.

4. Black coffee in the morning and red wine at night.

5. Travel - because seeing new places is so essential to inspiration.

6. Love (duh).

7. The ocean, preferably with sunshine.

8. GPS. I honestly have zero sense of direction and being lost gives me panic attacks.

9. Vintage stores. I adore a good treasure hunt.

10. Fresh flowers!!! They make me smile every time.


diane said...

I totally agree with everything except number 8. Being lost fills me with a sense of adventure.

Molly Jean said...

agree with diane. lost is fun!

gabby paulina said...

definitely agree with seven. the ocean is my favourite place :)

Hanako66 said...

what a great list!

paula said...

love her list. I too love a glossy magazine.

stacy said...

i'm picking up what she's laying down - except i'm a smith's minted rosebud lip balm kinda girl!

Suzanne said...

omfg GPS! I just used one a couple weekends ago when we rented a car to go on a little roadtrip - BEST! THING! EVER! We didn't even use a map and we could just type in things like "Starbucks" and it would take us straight there! loves

The Anthology said...

Loooove the vintage store treasure hunt. Just came home with piles of new finds today, actually