Tuesday, March 3, 2009

fur frenzy for fall

Bill Blass closes shop. Calvin Klein and Zac Posen cancel their after-parties. And Marc Jacobs has to downsizes his invite list. And though we maybe getting "poorer" by the minute, nothing on the runway reflects such cash-strapped circumstances.

In fact, designers have been giving show-goers just the opposite - some serious glamour. Glitter and gold, lux leather, and lots, I mean LOTS of fur have been spotted on numerous runways from New York to Milan.

Marios Schwab brought bright blue fur to the runway. Ralph Lauren gave us classic, chic white fur. And Todd Lynn raises the price on the tough girl look with bold black fur. Even Carine Roitfeld is getting into the fur frenzy spirit. If fur floats your boat, you'll be able to find it just about everywhere next fall.


I've received quite a few comments asking me how I could support fur on my blog. Simply stated - I don't support fur. I have never and will never buy anything fur. That being said, just because I disapprove doesn't change the fact that fur has been all over the fall runways. And the purpose of this post is to draw attention to that fact.

photo source: Carine via The Sartorialist


Jessica said...

i noticed all that fur too. I like it :)
I just discovered your blog & can't get enough; we should exchange links!

diane said...

You are so right! I never thought about it, but the runways are showing a lot of opulence.
btw, the first girl looks like she needs some rest. xo

em linda said...

i know! can't wait to sport them..

Nike said...

yh, ive been looking for a fur coat for ages aswell.

syd vicious said...

Fur has that oldtime Hollywood glamor feel to it.

Iole said...

Hi thanks for stopping by. Really love your blog.
Hope to see you soon.
lOve Iole

Stompface said...

there is something very classic about a lovely fur coat.

interesting comment on the economy versus runway. too true.


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Chelle said...

I love your blog! :)
But I don't like real fur at all.

Iole said...

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Catherine said...

I feel like the only person who doesn't like fur. But it's so odd that they're still keeping things lavish during these economic times...

Call Me Cat said...

Carine :)

sarah said...

I suppose there are still many people out there who can afford the opulence. Not me though...

Love your blog!

Becky said...

i've noticed that as well! i'm not really a fan of fur, especially if it's real though.

hande's closet said...

ohhh these coats are really amazing!!

anne said...

i've seen so much fur on the runways this season, that i'm now dreaming of being drowned in fur!

Agata Natalia said...

It's because the less we have,the more we would like to have.Or to look like we have more. :)

lori vliegen said...

your blog is beautiful...i've had a great time reading your past posts! thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! :)

Ester said...

thanks for visiting my blog! hope you like it! =)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really like yours and your spring 2k9 runway review was spot on.

natalie said...

oh, no! how can you promote fur on this gorgeous blog? how and why would you?? as a regular reader, i'm so sad to see this.

when i read the interview with donna karan and her bashing her assistant saying 'when i look at these (animals) all i see is handbags!' i wanted to throw up. to this day, my stomach turns when i think of that.

killing animals for their fur is not opulent or luxurious or fashionable. it's disgusting, and cruel. if you doubt me, go look into your own dogs (or cats) eyes and think of them having their skin ripped off while they are still alive and sewn into a coat - how fabulous is that?

natalie said...

regarding donna karan, please read! good for her!!


alexis said...

i will kindly disagree with you, regarding your 'update'. by posting these photos and glamorizing the fur industry, you are supporting it. you're making it sexy, relevant, and fun - which in fact, it is not. animal cruelty is never glamorous, sexy, or fun.

if you want to make a statement about how fur is "everywhere" this season, then maybe follow it up with a note on all of the designers who have decided that using fur is inhumane and have stopped doing it all together. that is the real story, not how great a bright blue fur coat is.

your blog is gorgeous, and influences people. it's disappointing to see you use to promote the fur industry or fur products.

donna said...

wow. me loving the fur coat in the first photo. i dont think peta is loving it though haha. btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. hope we can link. =)