Friday, January 2, 2009

a new year

Tim Walker

2008 in review
Jan: My grandfather died Feb: One year anniversary of my dad dying March: T.J. starting DJing April: My best friend came to visit May: I got engaged June: I took my first trip to London and Paris July: I got married August: We took a trip to California to see our friends get married September: We threw our wedding party October: Who knows what happened this month November: We moved and Obama got elected! December: We moved again.

2009 to-do list
Travel more. Take French class. Read more. Learn to cook. Watch less CNN. Eat more cheese. Wear high heels (because life is too short not to). Visit San Francisco. Go back to Paris. Write more. And so many other things...

Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone for making it such a good year. Come back Monday, as the Giveaways start again and I will have something awesome to win.


Kelly said...

happy 2009!
wishing you the best


Shelby said...

Wow you've had quite a year! Best wishes in 2009

ana b. said...

I agree with your high heels comment. I have the rest of my elderly life to wear sensible shoes ;) Good luck with these resolutions!

Katie said...

Sounds like you had a pretty busy year. Best of luck achieving your goals for 2009!

Little Jane St said...

Hi Stacy,

I love the yearly wrap up and goals list for 2009 - what a lovely idea. Good luck with achieving all that you set out to do!

Lola Is Beauty said...

happy new year! looks like you had quite a life changing 2008...I'm going with the heels too - I've been too scared to wear them for almost two years.