Tuesday, January 20, 2009

excuse my absence

Excuse my absence today, but I've been waiting 2 years to see Obama become President, 8 years to get rid of Bush and more so, a lifetime to see an African American become president. If you own a TV turn it on and partake in some history.

View more Obama photos here.

Photo Credit: Callie Shell


Farfalla said...

i dont know what to say really !
ive been a visitor to your blog since a while , and it happen yesterday that i visit it again .. and read what you wrote about Obama , i am from saudi arabia and i cant say that i understand the american democracy like an american citizen , but from reading the history i can say now america "truley" proved its democracy and its gift to the world of being the land of opportunity and freedom ... congrats americans! and i really hope Obama presidency will change the world as will as your country :)

Hayfa Qahtani
Saudi Arabia

willykean said...

Your absence was worth it.

Bush year over; ouf§

BEACH 11:29 said...

even in this dark stage
it is still a beautiful day
its one of the only times ive been proud to be an american
come for a visit sometime!

Belle said...

There is the most beautiful picture I found of him and his daughter (i put it on my blog.)
I love all the posts you have done with such gorgeous pictures.



Debra said...

Ditto~ enough said!