Thursday, December 4, 2008

facts of life

Fact 1: Everyone hates something about their body.
Fact 2: Almost everything is fixable (if you have the money to pay for it)
boobs to small, get breast enhancements
nose to big, get a nose job
too fat, get lipo
jacked up teeth, go to the dentist
Fact 3: The only thing that doesn't have a buy-it-now solution is height
You can wear high heels all you want, put if you are shorter than 5'10 you will never be a model.

And this is why I look at pretty pictures and drool. Because at 5'5 the one thing I would change can never be fixed. Instead I will spend my days in marketing. Aww, I should have been a ballerina.


magpiesandmagnolias said...

I hear ya! I always wanted to be a ballerina. But alas, I am not graceful. I am also not tall (only 5'4"ish). Sigh.

At least I make up for it with a big personality! (or so people tell me)

Apple said...

ha ha :) i concur with your facts of life :D

Anonymous said...

kate moss is 5'6"

MG said...

^^^ True, Kate Moss is 5'6" but I think she is one of the few exceptions.

I know what you mean-I'm a tall 5'3"-but thinking about it, I'd rather be the designer than the model.

Lauren K said...

Love this little list, so very true! But I agree with MG :)

a little bird said...

way to say it.

Kate Moss is NOT 5"6, is that for real??

stacy said...

What I have read is Kate Moss is 5'5.75 but her agency says 5'8 and she says 5'7.

mangopeachapple said...

I've always wanted to be a ballerina too. haha. Great post.

I'm not sure how tall Kate Moss is, but she certainly does not reach 5 ft 10