Friday, November 7, 2008

Making Improvements Already

Have you seen Obama's new website? Yea, that's right, he has a new website at I am just going to say one thing, just one -

I am so, so, SO glad that our next president understands technology
(and actually has a brain).


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that he has a brain because the last President sure didn't have one. I can't wait for Obama to be in office.

porter hovey said...

Yes! Thank god for that!! Can't wait for January 20th!

Joanna Goddard said...

yay! he is so awesome.

Chelsea said...

I thought this new website was a great idea! I am paying attention to politics for the first time in a long time because of Obama. He's not perfect but he is inspirational and he is SO SO SO much better than anything we've had in a very long time.