Monday, October 13, 2008

Acts of Kindness

I have been terrible at keeping up on this thing. There is good reason of course. I was sick, my husband was sick, the party set me back with work, and blah, blah, blah – more excuses.

Point is, I have some things I have wanted to share but haven’t gotten around to, so here they are:

Kindness –
First, Kathleen over at katydidandkid was nice, super nice in fact and made me a headband as a wedding present. She let me pick any style and pattern I wanted and then she made the headband of my choice for me. You can view it here.

Second, Itsasne sent me any email saying she had a present for me and asked for my address. I said okay, crossed my fingers that it wasn’t a bomb and emailed Itsasne my address. A month and a half later, like a week ago, I received a beautiful teacup with tea and a little note that said congrats on getting married.

I cannot tell you how much simple acts of kindness mean. The fact that people I have never met face to face wanted to do something nice for me renews my hope in mankind. And of course, brightens my day. It’s not just the gift itself that means something - but the time it took to make it, to mail it, to write a quick note.

So thank you Kathleen and Itsasne for your beautiful gifts. And to everyone who reads this blog and leaves behind small comments that link our worlds together.


Cali Girl said...

that was very sweet.

congrats to you!

Alkemie said...

That is totally sweet and considerate! I totally agree that small acts of kindness really go far.

Karen :)

Kathleen said...

You're so sweet in mentioning that. I really hope you like the headband, and I promise I'll mail it tomorrow. The PO was closed on Monday, which I forgot until I got there, and today I was away from home.