Wednesday, July 16, 2008

lets talk about tim

For the rest of this week I am going to focus on a couple of photographers that are represented by ThomasTreuhaft. To start off, I want to talk about Tim.

Tim Walker is one word, Fabulous. Seriously. His ability to take an amazing photo blows my mind. When you go look at his portfolio you will probably see a lot more familar photos then you thought. That being said, his work is amazing. His has an innate ability to set a scene, and to connect with the light.

Now go love it. Because I do.

P.S. The first of wedding photos are below.


*L said...

totally weird. i just blogged about his kate spade ads yesterday. i love his stuff!

Anonymous said...

whoa...his ears must be ringing because i posted about him today too! love love love.

Angélique said...

I know, I love tim Walker's work. It's stunning!

Fifi Flowers said...

Live these fun fantasy photos!

Mila said...

Yeah! Gorgeous, i LOVE the 'bed' picture. It's inspiring every time i see it.