Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today Sucked . . .

I work for a small company, and by small I mean 5 people. It's an association management firm and I am the Graphic Designer and Web Maintenance person. Needless to say, in my profession, I cannot function without my computer.

We'll lets just say, the idiot computer tech guy started fixing problems on one of the other computers in the office this morning which ended up causing huge problems on my computer. And now all, yes all of my files are gone. WOW oh yes, gone. Let me make this more understandable -

Oh my (9:30 AM)
Freak out (10:45 AM),
Freaking out(2:00 PM,
Freaked out (3:00PM),
Calming down now (3:15 PM).

To make matters worse, I am holding interviews today for a freelance web project and it is somewhat difficult to explain a web design project without web access.

I have spent 6 hours doing what I like to call bitch work (i.e. find this, file this, uh we really have nothing for you to do but you cannot go home).

It's 3:25 and I'm going to shoot myself.

After I recover I will post something great, wonderful, and inspiring. But in the meantime - I am going to go hide under my desk until 5.


Update: 4/28/2008

Still No Computer. Ahh.


design for mankind. said...

OMG Stacy--- I'm so sorry to hear this. No one will be more deserving of a weekend than you, my dear!

Keep us posted!

diana @ please sir said...

OH MY...good luck!!

Cicada Studio said...

Been there. Boy, I can sympathize... Hang in there, lady.

... and thanks for dropping by my blog today and commenting!

{this is glamorous} said...

Completely terrible--what a day! Hope your weekend was good, at the very least . . .

Krissy said...

oh no! however, great photo to go along with this

JuliAM said...

im so sorry, that is horribly frustrating. as much as i love technology (hello, blogging) it seriously adds obscene amounts of stress to my life when it malfunctions...i get it.

Beth said...

I've been there. yuck. I hope it's all better now!