Thursday, April 17, 2008

Basic French

I leave for London and Paris in a little more then a month, 1 month and 6 days to be exact. Point being - I've been way, way, way too obsessed with French things since I bought my tickets back in October. I have purchased some awesome French books (I will post more about this when I have time to scan in the images), I have 2 calendars of Paris, and I am beginning my daily croissant intake early.

So to add to all the French things . . . check out this shop Basic French. I read about this somewhere, on another blog. I don't remember where, so I am sorry to who ever I am taking this from.

Anyways, they have cute linens and kitchen items, soaps and so forth. It's another one of those "this is so cute I wish I owned my own shop."


My Notting Hill said...

I'll be in Paris in late June - let me know if you find some great home design stores. We'll be in the Marais district. Thanks. Michele

la la Lovely said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I just went to London and Paris this past Oct. It was my first time in Paris.. and I cannot wait to go back. I've def become a fracophile. Trying to learn French and all. You will love it! You're site is great...
ps- you will the vosge chocolate

Alexis said...

I've been to the Basic French shop in Red Hook and it is fabulous and Carol is delightful.

I highly recommend a visit!