Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekly Wrap Up

Some blogs I enjoyed this week:

Over at Domino Magazine, Design Sponge blogger shares some of her favorite accessories, all of which are under $100 bucks.
Check it all out here.

Nectar & Light had a beautiful, yet sad post today about packing up her home.

Don't skip this, go over to Desire to Inspire and check out today's post. The photos are awesome. I want the house with the huge window looking over the hills.

A Cup of Joe had a couple of guest bloggers this past week. Check out Paige's wedding invitation story books.

Aside from that, go outside, take a trip to the flea market, pick up a new magazine, take a bath, and enjoy the weekend.

1 comment:

Neil said...

You have a very stylish blog. And thanks for the links today. Those aren't the types of blogs I usually read, but I found them very inspiring.