Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pretty Little Things

I have been sick that last few days. The flu took a toll on my weekend and has crept into my work week. Sore throat, fever, nausea, it’s all not very fun. And to add to the misery, it’s midterms for grad school, work is been INSANE, my boyfriend starts DJing a weekly Wednesday, and my mom is coming into town on Thursday. My head is spinning and not in a good way.

The only benefit to not feeling well is being able to slack off at work and have an excuse. I have spent today and yesterday hiding behind my computer screen, sucking on cough drops, and blowing my nose. I love free time. I get to catch up on all the things that have fallen behind during the week. Starting with blogs and then moving on to clothes, today I finally got around to looking at the Anthropologie March catalog. The clothes in that store never fit me right, and I don’t think I will ever be able to rationalize spending $200 dollars for a shower curtain, but the catalog and the images are lovely. Anthropologie in print never fails to please.

After looking through the catalog, I am ready to redo my apartment. I need a new couch desperately, some sheets, new bath towels, and lots of other little things. Once I recover from this on going headache and fever, I think I can drag my mom out to go apartment shopping with me.

You can view the catalog at the anthropologie website. Or check out some of the magazine below.

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