Friday, March 21, 2008

Erin's Spot

I finally got around to putting some tags on my flickr photos today. I also took some time to check out my contact's photos. I took a look at Erin's photos, a girl friend from back in Sacramento (my home town) and realized that she had photos that were for Apartment Therapy. She entered the 2007 Coolest Apartment Contest and was a Northwest semi-finalist. (check it out here)

I had totally forgot how cute her apartment is. So I decided to post some of her photos here. I forgot how much loved her apartment the last time I was in it (which was about 3 years ago). After a night of dancing and drinking, I believe I drove her home.

Anyways, it was perfect timing to see another cute apartment since tomorrow I am determined to go apartment stuff shopping. Until Monday . . . have a good weekend.

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