Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Matters Most: Micheal Kors

Whether it’s been done a lot or a little, as long as it is done well, that’s what matters.

Michael Kors proved that yesterday with his fall 2008 collection. The chic, 1960’s designs were classic and wearable. Though I’ve read comments like “this has been done before” and complaints about him not creating anything striking, I have to point these people back to my first sentence.

Michael Kors does a great job designing clothing. Very rarely anymore has anything “not been done before” and I believe most people buy clothes to wear in the real world not on the runway. I am not sure when you walk into your office job you want something “striking.” I personally want to be wearing something that is subtle and sexy. Something that doesn’t scream I am trying too hard or this is the “it” item. I believe Karl Lagerfeld said something to the effect of “lots of people are trendy, few people are truly stylish.” (I have the quote, I will post it when I get home from work).

The point here… Michael Kors worked it out. His collection of satins, furs, and animal prints were sexy. And the models loose up-do’s oozed a sophisticated sex appeal.

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