Monday, February 4, 2008


I get emails from J. Crew probably 4-5 times a week, telling me what clothes I should buy and informing me about their on-going sales. They are probably the only “spam” type emails that I don’t mind getting. Perhaps that’s because I like the majority of what J. Crew puts out. Their clothing is simple and some-what inexpensive. You can wait for just about anything to go on sale and then get it for an additional 25 percent off. I remember going in the store the day after Christmas and everything was 80 percent off. I got 100 dollar sweaters for less then 20 bucks. And if you are a student (which Grad School does pay off in some ways) you get an extra 10 percent off. Every little bit helps you know.

Anyways, today I got another email from them telling me about there “Rome” clothing. And to my delight, the clothing they have out now is marvelous. Cute cropped jackets, dark denim, printed silk dresses, and super cute flats.

Yes, yes, I would like my closet to be filled with designer labels. But some of these are too good to pass up on. I might just have to make a purchase before the extra 25 percent off sale kicks in.

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bookwormlove said...

that navt shirt, khaki's and yellow belt is exactly what comes to mind when i think of "bitchin' at 30".