Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swag, You're it!

In the NY Times today, Kayleen Schaefer wrote about how beauty blogs are making strides in the beauty product world (read the article). According to the article, 2 years ago bloggers would have sent in for product samples but received nothing in response. Now beauty bloggers are receiving tons and tons of free swag. The article list a variety of different blogs, some which receive up to 2,500 hits a day, all which cover beauty products and receive free gifts.

Along the same lines La Coquette, a blog written by Elisabeth Fourmont , Associate Fashion Editor for Chicago Magazine, just posted yesterday some details about her 2-day excusion with Lancome. Lacome invited a small group of bloggers to Hotel Costes sight see, drink champagne, and well, to just hang out. You can read all the details over at La Coquette.

Both the bloggers in the NY Times article and La Coquette have been invited into a world that seems so hard to become a part of. It's extremely hard to get a job at a magazine. They probably get 500 applications for every job posted. Yet what stands out about La Coquette and the NY Times article, is the obvious fact that they didn't have to work at a magazine to be apart of the "that" world.

For me, hopefully the end result isn't just free stuff or day trips. Hopefully someday will I not only write a blog but I will write for a magazine. And maybe someday bloggers can go to runway shows. . . when that happens I want my name added to that list.